SPS/FAST Modeling Software

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Cal Nano is very excited to announce our partnership with Norimat who is introducing an innovative SPS/FAST modeling software, Engemini. This is an amazing tool for anyone using the SPS/FAST process.

ENGEMINI was made by a French Company, specializing in Spark Plasma Sintering. The Ph.D experts, FAST/SPS machine engineers, and technicians decided to put their knowledge into the development of the Engemini software design, meeting the expectations of their clients (aerospace, luxury, energy, industry, research…) in terms of R&D time reduction (time to market), production optimization. It is a simple-to-use, plug and play software that can be applied to any and all SPS/FAST systems. 

The software includes the digital twin which is for thermal modeling to simulate your SPS trials before you perform along with optional items including Mold Design and Material+. 


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