Achieve New Milestones with High Strength Graphite

High strength graphite is a material that offers outstanding performance in extreme conditions. It is very durable, lightweight and resistant to wear and tear. The material has a greater strength-to-weight ratio than steel and aluminum and is commonly used in high temperature applications. High strength graphite can be produced in different ways depending on the desired properties of the product. 

Higher Density Than Regular Graphite

The most common type of high strength graphite is called extruded graphite, which is made by forcing raw material through tiny holes under intense pressure. This results in tight grain structure with much higher density than regular graphite, giving it its superior strength-to-weight ratio. Its excellent thermal shock resistance makes it ideal for use as a heat shield in jet engines and other high temperature applications. 

An Ideal Material

In addition to its strength, it also offers excellent electrical insulation and chemical resistance. It can be sealed against liquids and gases, making it an ideal material for use as a gasket or seal in high pressure applications. The material is also highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion, making it a great choice for components exposed to harsh environments such as marine vessels or offshore drilling rigs.

High Performance Engine Components

High strength graphite is used in a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, energy production and medical devices. Its ability to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures makes it especially valuable in high performance engine components such as turbochargers, pistons, valve springs and exhaust manifolds. In the medical field, the material is used to make implantable orthopedic devices such as screws and prosthetic replacements. 

Light Weight and Resistance to Wea

This kind of graphite has become a popular choice in many industries due to its superior performance and durability. Its light weight and resistance to wear makes it a great option for applications that must withstand extreme conditions over long periods of time. It is also an environmentally friendly material since it does not generate any hazardous emissions during production or use. The material's cost effectiveness and easy availability further add to its appeal. With so many benefits, high strength graphite has quickly become a go-to solution for many manufacturing applications. Contact Cal Nano today to find out more!