Exploring The Options with Spark Plasma Sintering Systems

Spark plasma sintering systems work by using plasma to create heat and pressure. This heat and pressure are then used to sinter, or join, particles of powder. The plasma is created by an electrical current passing through a gas. The gas is usually argon, but other gases can be used as well. The plasma heats the powder to a high temperature, which causes the particles to melt and flow together. 

Very Strong and Dense Materials

The pressure of the plasma also helps to compress the powder, making it denser. Spark plasma sintering can be used to create very strong and dense materials, making them ideal for applications in many industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical device manufacturing.

What Are the Advantages of Using Plasma Sintering Over Other Methods?

There are many advantages to using this system over other methods. Plasma type sintering can be used to create very strong and dense materials. It is also a very fast process, which means that parts can be created quickly. Additionally, plasma sintering systems are relatively simple to operate and require little maintenance.


As with any manufacturing process, safety is always a key concern with spark plasma type sintering (SPS). There are a few key factors to consider when operating an SPS machine: 

- Ensuring that the power supply is properly grounded

- Avoiding contact with the high voltage electrodes

- Wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, including gloves, eye protection, and hearing protection

Industry and Manufacturing

By following these simple safety precautions, operators can help to ensure a safe working environment. As with all processes involved in industry and manufacturing, safety should be a top concern. This helps to ensure that workers are not injured and that the company maintains maximum profitability. To learn more about this process and other similar technologically advanced processes used in industry and manufacturing simply visit California Nanotechnologies today. Contact the company by phone or going online to learn more.