Find a SPS Sintering & Tooling Partner that Leads with Industry Experience

Calnano Corporation is a leading provider of sintering services for a wide range of industries. Using a specialized process called SPS (Spark Plasma Sintering), Calnano is able to create high-strength, fully dense parts with exceptional precision and repeatability.

Calnano's SPS sintering capabilities allow for the creation of parts from a variety of materials, including metals, ceramics, and polymers. This versatility makes SPS sintering an ideal solution for a wide range of applications, including tooling, aerospace, defense, automotive, and medical devices.

One of the key benefits of Calnano's SPS sintering process is its ability to produce parts with complex shapes and tight tolerances. Using SPS, Calnano is able to create parts with intricate geometries and fine features, making it an excellent choice for applications that require precise, high-performance parts.

In addition to its sintering capabilities, Calnano also offers cryogenic milling and machining services. These services allow for the precise shaping and finishing of sintered parts, ensuring that they meet the exact specifications of the customer.

Calnano's state-of-the-art facility and team of experienced professionals make it a trusted partner for companies in need of high-quality sintered parts. Whether you're looking for tooling, aerospace components, or medical devices, Calnano has the expertise and capabilities to deliver the parts you need, on time and to your exact specifications.