What Is Field Assisted Sintering?

Field assisted sintering, also known as field assisted powder consolidation, is a process used to consolidate powder into a dense, strong body. The process uses an electric field to draw the particles of powder together and cause them to bond. Field assisted sintering is often used for high-strength applications where traditional sintering methods are not possible or practical. The process begins with a granular powder that is placed in a die. The die is then placed between two electrodes, which create an electric field. When the electric field is turned on, the particles of powder are attracted to each other and begin to bond. 

The Process is Also Used for Medical Implants and Other Products 

The field can then be increased or decreased to control the amount of consolidation that takes place. This kind of sintering is often used for applications where high strength is required, such as in the aerospace and defense industries. The process is also used for medical implants and other products that need to be strong and durable. Field assisted sintering offers many advantages over traditional sintering methods, including the ability to consolidate powders with different compositions, the ability to control the amount of consolidation, and the ability to create parts with very tight tolerances.

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