What is Graphite Tooling for Spark Plasma Sintering?

Graphite tooling is a type of tooling that is used in the process of spark plasma sintering. Graphite related tooling is made from graphite, which is a material that is resistant to high temperatures and has a low coefficient of thermal expansion. This unique tooling is used to create parts that have a very tight tolerance and precise dimensions. It can also be used to create molds for metal parts, as well as parts that are made from ceramic or other materials. Spark plasma sintering is a process that uses an electric current to heat up and melt powders or granules of metal or other material. The melted material is then cooled quickly, which causes it to solidify and form a solid shape. 

Graphite Tooling is a Critical Part of the Spark Plasma Sintering

Graphite tooling is used in this process because it can withstand the high temperatures that are involved, and because, as mentioned, it has a low coefficient of thermal expansion. This means that the dimensions of the parts that are created with graphite tooling will be very precise. This tooling can also be used to create molds for metal parts, as well as parts that are made from ceramic or other materials.  It is a critical part of the spark plasma sintering process, and it is important to choose the right type of graphite tooling for your application. There are many different types of graphite related tooling on the market, and it is crucial to choose the right one for your needs. If you are not sure which type of tooling to choose, you can always consult with a professional who specializes in this area.

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