Why California Nanotechnologies?

Cal Nano is a global leader in Spark Plasma Sintering and Cryogenic Milling from R&D to production

Spark Plasma Sintering Services & Equipment

Advanced consolidation & bonding technique from low temp metals to ultra-high temp ceramics

Cryogenic Milling Services

Create custom powder alloys and nanomaterials with our advanced cryomilling process

Cal Nano CEO exclusive interview with Smallcap Discoveries

Materialism: Spark Plasma Sintering Podcast

Learn more about the history & fundamentals of SPS through this interesting podcast

SPS Thermal Modeling Software

New, Innovative & simple to use modeling software now available for SPS/FAST users

About Cal Nano

California Nanotechnologies hosts a complement of advanced processing and testing capabilities for your materials research & production needs. Multiple in-house Spark Plasma Sintering systems, cryogenic mills, mechanical testing, and tooling fabrication combine for agile ability to serve our customers. R&D and pilot-scale production services are performed by Cal Nano for customers across all industries, universities and labs. Programs range from Space, Nuclear, Aerospace, Energy, and muc...