Materialism: Spark Plasma Sintering Podcast

Check out the latest episode of the Materialism podcast which features our CEO Eric Eyerman!

Why California Nanotechnologies?

Cal Nano is a global leader in Spark Plasma Sintering and Cryogenic Milling from R&D to production

Spark Plasma Sintering Services & Equipment

Advanced consolidation & bonding technique from low temp metals to ultra-high temp ceramics

Cryogenic Milling Services

Create custom powder alloys and nanomaterials with our advanced cryomilling process

Cal Nano CEO exclusive interview with Smallcap Discoveries

SPS Thermal Modeling Software

New, Innovative & simple to use modeling software now available for SPS/FAST users

About Cal Nano

Our Mission: Bringing next generation materials to market with cutting-edge technologies. At Cal Nano, we envision a world in which our advanced technologies are used to help make the most innovative products on this planet and beyond. We are trusted by global leaders to help push the boundaries of applied material science by utilizing our unique technical expertise and vision.   Our Values:   Employees first corporate structure We strive to constantly improve, grow & inno...